Meaning of the brand

Performing in a holistic way / PerHol represents the motto for the new generation of performers, because the artist should see the performance as a holistic process - mind, body, music, health and well-being.


 wants to make a difference and to offer a better future for artists.

The prevalence of the injuries in musicians is very high and now it is your turn to make a change. I have been through loads of books, articles, courses, workshops, projects, masterclasses, in-scene experience and activity in two different fields, now it is the time for me to share it all. My great wish is that I can pass on to the next generation my knowledge about what being a musician means, and that no one would experience the downsides of it.

You will therefore find here shortcuts to information and you will not waste any of your time, money and energy and other such resources in order to discover on your own what I explain in detail. I wish that musicians would not experience tendinitis, depression, abuse and other such issues any more.

Music is a thing of beauty and the musician can live at peace with it, feeling at his or her best, in physical and psychological wellness.